Structural Genomics

Researchers, from more than 10 countries have developed a project called “The International Solanaceae Genome Project (SOL)”. Tomato is the model crop to study fruit ripening. Considering the importance of tomato it has been chosen by SOL as a model member of Solanaceae for sequencing of its genome. India has been allocated chromosome 5 for this project. The high degree of conservation in genome organization among Solanaceae members, would allow the information generated with tomato to be extended to other Solanaceae members in future. It is proposed that only euchromatin part of tomato genome would be sequenced. It is estimated that chromosome 5 consists of approximately 11 Mb of euchromatin. However, actual sequencing effort may require 10% additional sequencing and 20% overlap between neighbouring BAC clones. Sequencing of euchromatin part of this chromosome is proposed to be carried out at University of Delhi South Campus (5 Mb), NRCPB, IARI (5 Mb) and NCPGR, JNU Campus (2 Mb).